Graco HPCF Top 20 Distributor

Graco HPCF Top 20 Distributor

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Thank you for visiting SprayPolyurethaneParts.com where we are offering all OLD GUSMER spray equipment parts at discount pricing. We also offer IPM Transfer Pumps, heated spray hoses, heated whips, spray guns, Dynasolve, CU-6 and parts for the Fusion Gun. Chances are, we carry any spray foam equipment and parts you are looking for, including, Graco, PMC, Gusmer and Glascraft.

SprayPolyurethaneParts is proud to be one of Graco's TOP 20 Distributors for 2012.  Thank you for all your support and we will continue to provide all our customers with outstanding sales, customer service and tech support for 2013 as well.

If you own any of the Old Gusmer Machines such as FF, FF-1600, SPI-18/18, FF-2500, H-2000, H-3500, H-20/35, H-20/35 Pro, etc., please keep us in mind as we stock many Gusmer spray machine parts. If you are having trouble finding parts for Gusmer machines, and we dont carry it, we can readily locate those parts with our network of dealers and resources.

If you are looking to purchase new Graco Spray Foam Equipment or Spray Foam Rigs, SprayPolyurethaneParts can help. We are now authorized to sell and service all Graco A,E,H,and I Reactors,  and Spray Guns to include the new Integrated Reactor E-30i, E-XP2i, E8P,  A-20, E-20, E-30, H-25, H-40, H-50, Fusion AP, Fusion CS, Fusion MP, Probler, Probler P2, P2 Elite, GX-7, Gap Pro, GX-7-DI, GX-7-400, GX-8 and D-Gun from Graco.



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Transfer Pump
Price: $1,025.00


Seal Kit, Polycarballoy
Price: $31.00


Grease, Fusion; (4 oz.)
Price: $10.30


Full Facepiece Mask
Price: $130.19


Kit, Clearshot Cartridge (pack of 25)
Price: $167.00


Dynasolve CU-6 in 1 gallon container
Price: $135.00


Mixing Chamber, Round, 02
Price: $174.00


Fusion Air Purge Wide Round-Includes Mix/TipAW3939
Price: $2,350.00


Dynasolve ISO-Neutralizer-1 Gallon
Price: $135.00


Whip Hose (GC1886)(GC1887)
Price: $217.00


Fusion Air Purge Round-Includes Mix/Tip AR2020
Price: $2,350.00


Fusion Air Purge Flat-Includes Mix/Tip AF2020
Price: $2,380.00



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